What to watch on Netflix

Looking for a little TV watching inspiration?
These are some of the things we have been watching on Netflix lately, and would highly recommend.

Derry Girls

A wonderfully human depiction of a group of teenage girls living in Derry, Northern Ireland in the early 1990s towards the end of ‘The Troubles in Derry’. A very funny collection of stories of schoolgirls getting up to mischief as the world happens around them. Many chuckles from this show which has a delightfully honest brand of humour that only the Irish can perfect.

The Crown

An interesting look into the life of the British royal family. This show is beautifully produced with no cost spared which really takes it beyond a stale stuffy documentary about the history of the royal family.

Sex Education

A sweet coming-of-age story about a boy whose mother is a sex therapist. Otis the protagonist, unwillingly becomes an amateur sex therapist at his high school, with partners in crime, Maeve and best friend Eric.

Tiger King

A show where you forget that there are full-grown tigers in most scenes, because of the wildness of the storyline. The twists and turns of this unbelievable true story make for quite a ride.
It will have you asking:
Did Carol Baskin kill her husband?
Did she feed him to the tigers?
How did Joe Exotic land two husbands?
Who exactly is this man, Joe Exotic?
Who shows up back at work a couple of days after a tiger bites their arm off, at work!?

Nailed It!

A colourful cooking show that has the funniest reveals. The basic premise of the show is simple: Give three contestants a recipe to cook in a set time period.
The results are hilariously disastrous.
The contestants’ creations never quite look like what they are supposed to.
Pro tip: Fast-forward to the reveals, they’re the best part.

The IT Crowd

The IT Crowd is a classic British comedy series. The hilarious antics of an IT department in the basement of a large corporate building.
The IT department consists of
Moss – a quirky nerd, who reported a fire in his office via email – FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!
Roy – An Irish IT technician and Moss’s partner in crime.
His catchphrase is – “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”
Jen – the manager of the IT department. She knows almost nothing about IT and was convinced a cardboard box was the internet.

Chef’s Table

This show is so very beautiful. Best enjoyed on, at least, an Ultra High Definition TV.
Chefs from all around the globe, sharing their passion for cooking, food, ingredients, and the environment their ingredients come from.
Pro tip: Pretend the bowl of 2-minute noodles you are eating while watching is actually a bowl of rare handmade pasta only available in the Swiss Alps.

Wild Wild Country

Wild. This documentary is WILD.
It is about a Guru and his followers who built Rajneeshpuram, a utopian city in Oregan, USA.
Interesting note: there were a few South Africans that stayed in Rajneeshpuram.

What are we missing?
What have you been watching?

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