Valentines Day Johannesburg 2021

What are you doing for valentines day this year?
Probably staying at home? For a change. Fun.

We’ve got some ideas for an unprecedented 2021 Valentines!
Have a look:

Breakfast in Bed

Whip up your favourite breakfast and serve it… in bed.
Easy as that.
Add a really good espresso based coffee to make it feel like your favourite café has made the breakfast.

Easy Eggs Bennie + Steamy Cappuccino
What you’ll need:

– 2 English Muffins
– 4 Eggs
– Hollandaise (Store-bought is fine unless you are really trying to flex)
– Baby Spinach


– Cut your English muffins in half and pop in the toaster. Set to a medium brown toasting level.
– Poach 4 eggs.
– Wilt your spinach
– Assemble!

Watch a RomCom

Curl up with your special someone (your cat or your partner, your choice) and indulge in one of these classic romantic movies.

  • Shakespeare in Love (1998)
  • Amélie (2001)
  • About Time (2013)
  • Love Actually (2003)
  • Noting Hill (1999)
  • Music and Lyrics (2007)
  • Bridget Jones Diary (2001)
  • Anything with Hugh Grant in it.

Prep your movie snacks, our combo of choice is a strong coffee and a bowl of salty popcorn.

Try these Iced Salted Caramel latte with Nespresso from Food52

For two Lattes you will need the following. (If you are watching with your cat, half the recipe.)

  • Nespresso Capsules
  • 2 tablespoons Syrup or Honey
  • 1/2 cup Milk
  • pieces salted caramel candy (Or 2 caramels and a crack or two of sea salt)
  • coffee ice cubes
  • regular ice cubes


  1. Place one piece of caramel candy at the bottom of a glass or mug. Pop your Nespresso pod into the machine and brew one lungo sized cup of coffe over the caramel so it get soft and melty.
  2. Pop the plain ice and the caramel coffee mix into a cocktail shaker and shake imediately.
  3. Fill a glass with the coffee ice cubes and pour in your caramel nespresso ice mix from the shaker.
  4. Is a seperate cup, combine your milk and syrup/honey. (For extra zazz, pop your milk in a Nespresso frother)
  5. Top your icey caramel coffee with your sweet milk mixture and enjoy!

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