Smeg Cooker with Gas Hob 90×60 cm Classica Aesthetic C9MAAZSSA9

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Product Family Cooker
Cooker size 90×60 cm
Aesthetic Classica
Series Sinfonia
Hob type Gas
Type of main oven Thermo-ventilated
Energy efficiency class A


Vapor Clean: a simple cleaning function using steam to loosen deposits in the oven cavity.
Product Family:Cooker
Cooker size:90×60 cm
Hob energy type:Gas
N. of ovens:1
Hob type:Gas
Type of main oven:Thermo-ventilated
Cleaning system:Vapor Clean
EAN code:8017709224523


Heavy duty cast iron pan stands: for maximum stability and strength.
Design:Square design
Door:With 2 horizontal strips
Command panel finish:Enamelled metal
Hob colour:Stainless steel
Handle:Smeg Classic
Controls colour:Stainless steel
Type of pan stands:Cast Iron
Glass type:Eclipse
Handle Colour:Brushed stainless steel
Control knobs:Smeg Classic
No. of controls:8
Feet:Stainless steel
Storage compartment:Push pull


Traditional cooking functions

  • Static: Traditional cooking suitable for the preparation of one dish at a time. The fan is not active and the heat comes from below and from above at the same time. Static cooking is slower and more delicate, ideal in order to get well cooked and dry dishes even inside. Ideal for cooking all types of roasts, fatty meats, bread, filled cakes.Static
  • Fan assisted: Intense and homogeneous traditional cooking, also suitable for complex recipes. The fan is active and the heat comes from below and from above at the same time. Ventilated cooking ensures a faster and more homogeneous result, leaving fragrant foods outside and moister inside. Ideal for baked pasta, biscuits, roasts and cobblers.Fan assisted
  • Circulaire: it is the perfect function for cooking all types of dishes in a more delicate way. The heat comes from the back of the oven and is distributed quickly and evenly The fan is active. It is also ideal for cooking on multiple levels without mixing smells and flavors.Circulaire
  • ECO: low energy consumption cooking: this function is particularly suitable for cooking on a single shelf with low energy consumption. It is recommended for all types of food except those that can generate a lot of moisture (for example vegetables). To achieve maximum energy savings and reduce time, it is recommended to put the food in the oven without preheating the cooking compartmentEco
  • Grill: Very intense heat coming only from above from a double heating element. The fan is not active. Provides excellent grilling and gratinating results. Used at the end of cooking, it gives a uniform browning to dishes.Large grill
  • Fan grill: very intense heat coming only from above from a double heating element The fan is active. It allows the optimal grilling of thickest meats. Ideal for large cuts of meat.Fan grill (large)
  • Base: the heat comes only from the bottom of the cavity. The fan is not active. Ideal for sweet and savory pies, cobblers and pizzas. Designed to complete cooking and make food more crunchy This symbol in gas ovens indicates the gas burner.Base
  • Fan assisted base: the mix of fan and lower heating element alone allows to finish cooking foods already cooked on the surface but not internally more quickly. This system is recommended to finish cooking foods that are already well cooked on the surface, but not internally, which therefore require a moderate higher heat. Ideal for any type of food.Fan assisted bottom
  • Rotisserie: The rotisserie (where installed) works in combination with the grill element to brown foods to perfection.Rotisserie

Cleaning functions

  • Vapor Clean: a simple cleaning function using steam to loosen deposits in the oven cavity.Vapor clean

Other functions

  • Defrost by time: Manual defrost function. At the end of the set duration, the function stops.Defrost by time


End of cooking acoustic alarm:Yes
Minimum Temperature:50 °C
Maximum temperature:260 °C


Ultra rapid burners: Powerful ultra rapid burners offer up to 5kw of power.
Total no. of cook zones:6
1st zone position:Front left
2nd zone position:Rear left
3rd zone position:Front centre
4th zone position:Rear centre
5th zone position:Front right
6th zone position:Rear right
1st zone type:Gas – 2UR (dual)
2nd zone type:Gas – AUX
3rd zone type:Gas – AUX
4th zone type:Gas – Semi Rapid
5th zone type:Gas – Semi Rapid
6th zone type:Gas – Rapid
1st zone power:4.20 kW
2nd zone power:1.00 kW
3rd zone power:1.00 kW
4th zone power:1.80 kW
5th zone power:1.80 kW
6th zone power:2.90 kW
Type of gas burners:Standard
Burner caps:Matt black enamelled
Automatic electronic ignition:Yes
Gas safety valves:Yes


All glass inner door: All glass inner door, a single flat surface which is simple to keep clean. Air cooling system: to ensure a safe surface temperatures. Triple glazed doors: Number of glazed doors. The capacity indicates the amount of usable space in the oven cavity in litres. Ever Clean Enamel: Ever Clean enamel is applied electrostatically, corner to corner and edge to edge to prevent cracking or cracks over time. It is a particular pyrolytic enamel, resistant to acids which, in addition to being pleasantly bright, promotes greater cleaning of the oven walls, thanks to its lower porosity. It is baked at over 850 ° C and slowly polymerized at a scientifically determined rate to ensure uniform depth and strength Ever Clean enamel creates an impeccable finish both on the inside of the oven and on the trays, making the surfaces of the oven incredibly easy to maintain over time as it reduces the adhesion of fat during cooking The oven cavity has 5 different cooking levels. The inner door glass: can be removed with a few quick movements for cleaning. Side lights: Two opposing side lights increase visibility inside the oven.
Net volume of the cavity:115 l
Gross volume, 1st cavity:129 l
Cavity material:Ever Clean enamel
No. of shelves:5
Type of shelves:Metal racks
No. of lights:2
Light type:Halogen
Light Power:40 W
Fan number:2
Cooking time setting:Start and Stop
Door opening:Flap down
Light when oven door is open:Yes
Removable door:Yes
Full glass inner door:Yes
Removable inner door:Yes
Total no. of door glasses:3
No.of thermo-reflective door glasses:2
Safety Thermostat:Yes
Cooling system:Tangential
Grill type:Electric
Grill elememt:1700 W
Large grill – Power:2900 W
Lower heating element power:1700 W
Upper heating element – Power:1200 W
Circular heating element – Power:2 x 1550 W
Temperature control:Electro-mechanical


A: Product drying performance, measured from A+++ to D / G depending on the product family
Energy efficiency class:A
Energy consumption in forced air convection:4.28 MJ
Energy consumption per cycle in fan-forced convection:1.19 KWh
Energy consumption in conventional mode:3.96 MJ
Energy consumption per cycle in conventional mode:1.10 KWh


Electrical connection rating:3200 W
Current:14 A
Voltage:220-240 V
Frequency:50/60 Hz
Power supply cable length:120 cm


Gas connection rating (W):12600 W
Gas Type:G30 LPG Liquid gas


Dimensions of the product HxWxD (mm):900x900x600 mm
Width (mm):900 mm
Product Height (mm):900 mm
Depth (mm):600 mm
Dimensions of the packed product (mm):860X960X670 mm
Gross weight (kg):88.800 kg
Net weight (kg):78.900 kg
Packed width:960 mm
Packaged depth:670 mm
Height (mm) packed:860 mm
Maximum stackability:5
Type of packaging:Shrinkwrap
Packaging composition – paper & cardboard (kg):5.071 kg
Packaging composition – polystyrene (kg):1.330 kg
Packaging composition – wood (kg):2.660 kg
Packaging composition – plastic (kg):0.888 kg
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