SAMSUNG WTJ4200 Twin Washer with EZ Wash Tray, 14 kg WT14J4200MB


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  • Dedicated EZ Wash Tray
  • Air Turbo Spin-drying
  • Durable Rust Proof Body

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Dedicated EZ Wash TrayTM

The dedicated EZ Wash TrayTM provides a convenient space to hand-wash delicate items and pre-wash heavily soiled clothes, rather than having to find a separate area or bend over a faucet.

Dedicated EZ Wash Tray<sup>TM</sup>

Rust free

Has a non-corrosive and rust-proof plastic body, which is resistant to humidity. So it’s extremely durable and, it will stay looking good for years.

Rust free

Powerful circulation

Features an Air Turbo Spin-drying system that leaves the laundry fresh and well dried by powerful circulation. It rotates the drum at high-speed and draws in more air, so wet clothes and blankets get drier more effectively.

Powerful circulation

Powerful cleaning

Generates powerful water currents that wash clothes more effectively. Its fast spinning creates strong and dynamic movement of the water, so that it powerfully penetrates fabrics and stains are removed more effectively*.

Powerful cleaning

*Tested on WT11H3210MG model. Compared with Samsung conventional WT727QPNDMW

  • Washing Capacity
    • Washing Capacity (kg)
  • Design
    • Body color
  • Recurso
    • Air Turbo
  • Cycle
    • Additional Cycle
      Wash Selector : Normal / Heavy Drain Selector : Wash / Rinse, Drain
    • Option List
      Wash Timer : 0 ~ 35 min Spin Timer : 0 ~ 5 min
  • Physical specification
    • Net Dimension (W x H x D)
      931 x 1,052 x 553 mm
    • Net Weight
      32 kg
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