21kg Top Loader, With BubbleStorm™ WA21A8370GV

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  • The power of bubbles
  • Wash faster, more efficient
  • Powerful performance


  • Bubble Storm™
  • Digital Inverter Technology
  • Heavy Duty+

The power of bubbles

The power of bubbles


Wash faster*, more efficient*


Wash faster and more efficiently with BubbleStorm™. Its 3 specialist functions clean clothes in 31 minutes*, using 20% less energy* and 23L less water*. Active Bubble™ helps detergent penetrate 2.5x faster**. A Dual Storm™ whirlpool cleans effectively. And Speed Spray™ cuts rinsing times.

A strong stream of water, foam, and a Digital Inverter Technology motor are washing a blue shirt. Active bubble creates rich bubbles to penetrate fabric 2.5x faster, Dual storm Twists and rubs items to enable effective cleaning and Speed spray shortens the rinsing time by constantly pouring clean water on clothes. Laundry completes within 31 minutes and also saves 20% energy and 23L water.



Powerful performance

Digital Inverter Technology

Save 40% energy* and enjoy effective cleaning with Digital Inverter Technology, which creates strong water currents. It utilizes strong magnets for a quieter** and more powerful performance, but uses less energy than a Universal Motor. It offers outstanding durability


99.9% Sanitizes clothes**

Hygiene Steam

Give laundry an intensive and hygienic clean with hot water and steam.A 60°C sanitize wash cycle* washes as 60°C to sanitize clothes, eliminate 99.9% of bacteria** and remove stubborn and oily stains***. Or you can adjust the temperature to 40°C to clean everyday marks and soiling, like sweat.

* Available when washing laundry loads up to 5kg.
** Based on the Intertek test report for the 60°C sanitize wash. Removes 99.9% of certain bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. Individual results may vary.
*** Based on internal testing. The optimal temperature may vary depending on the type and condition of the dirt and stains.

Fast and efficient

Heavy Duty+

Enjoy highly concentrated detergent washing with the Heavy Duty+ cycle. It automatically starts washing using 20% more concentrated detergent for an intensive cleaning action. So it reduces the washing time by 21 minutes* and energy consumption by 11%*, but has the same washing performance.

The icons on the display panel represent the three stages of washing. Step1 washing ratio is detergent 20%, water 80%, step2 is detergent 10%, water 88%, and step3 is main wash with 100% of water. The WA8800 saves 11wh of energy and 21 minutes of time than conventional products.

* Based on internal testing, using an IEC 5kg load (water level 6) in accordance with a national standard test, compared to a Samsung conventional washing machine, WA22T7870KV. Results may vary depending on the actual usage conditions.

Powerful filtration

Magic Filter

Keep unsightly speckles off your whites and darks, and protect the drainage from getting clogged up. A Magic Filter with a dual mesh, at the front and back, effectively gathers the lint, fluff and particles that come out of your laundry. And it’s easy to empty out the filter as it opens 180°.

A magic filter is a double structure consisting of a dense mesh net and a relatively larger triangle patterned net.

Peaceful washing

VRT Technology

Do your laundry anytime without creating a disturbance – even at night. Innovative Vibration Reduction Technology® (VRT) reduces noise and vibration during washes*. It keeps the tub balanced even at high spin speeds, regardless of load size. So there’s less risk of disturbing anyone.

* Based on internal testing compared to a Samsung conventional model without VRT Technology.

Icons show the structure of the components of VRT technology as Precision vibration sensor, Liquid balancer, Solid base structure, and high performance suspension. The toy horse on the WA8800 is stable.

How to measure

Width 700mm, height 1131mm, depth 748mm, height with door open 1480mm, install depth 848mm.


  • Washing Capacity (kg)21.0 
  • Drum typeSwirl
  • Net Dimension (W x H x D)700 x 1131 x 748 mm
  • Net Weight61 kg
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