LG GC-J247CKBZ 665L Black Stainless Steel Side by Side Fridge, Door-in-Door™

  • Door-in-Door™
  • Tall Ice & Water Dispenser
  • FRESHBalancer™
  • Moist Balance Crisper™
  • Hygiene Fresh+™

R28,500.00 R33,999.00

Impeccable Exterior Design

Formed in black stainless steel and designed with a sleek Pocket Handle, new Hidden Button to access the Door-In-Door™ panel and 665 litres of total capacity, enjoy the convenience and storage of this modern and very stylish Side by Side refrigerator.

LG Fridges - Easy Access Door-in-Door®

Easy Access

For those fly-by visits to the refrigerator, the Door-in-Door™ feature allows easy access to your favourite snacks and beverages with a quick push of the Hidden Button. The Door-in-Door™ design reduces exposure of the entire fridge cavity minimising cold air loss.¹

LG Fridges - Tall Ice & Water Dispenser

Tall Ice & Water Dispenser

The design of the water and ice dispenser makes it easy to fill tall containers. Digital controls make it easy to see the fridge settings and the child lock provides added protection against accidental spills.

  • Slim SpacePlus™ Ice System

    LG fridges - Slim SpacePlus™ Ice System

    Built into the fridge door to give you shelf space whilst still allowing for storage on the door.

  • Utility Box

    LG Fridges - Utility Box

    This drawer provides the optimal space for small items such as deli meats and cheese.

  • Wine Rack

    LG Fridges - Wine Rack

    The user-friendly wine rack stores 4 bottles of wine.

LG Fridges - FRESH Balancer®

FRESH Balancer™

Prolong the life of your fruits and vegetables by optimising the humidity levels in the Fresh Balancer™

LG fridges - Moist Balance Crisper®

Moist Balance Crisper™

The lid of the Moist Balance Crisper™ has a lattice structure that retains evaporated moisture from vegetables, allowing them to stay fresher for longer.

LG Fridges - Pure N Fresh

Hygiene FRESH+TM

99.999% Fresh Air

The intelligent air filter can not only remove bacteria up to 99.999%, but also minimize bad odor in the refrigerator. In addition, you can keep your food items fresher in the cleaner condition.

LG Fridges - 10 Year Parts Warranty On Linear Compressor

10 Year Parts Warranty On Linear Compressor

With less vibration, moving parts and noise than a conventional LG compressor system, the LG Inverter Linear Compressor is quieter and more durable. LG 10 Year Parts Warranty – as the Inverter Linear Compressor is the heart of your refrigerator we back this with a 10 year parts warranty on the compressor.²


Soft Start & Soft Stop

Optimal Low Noise Performance

The Inverter Linear Compressor operates at sound levels as low as 39dB eliminating unnecessary noise for smooth operation that you’ll barely notice.


Why Inverter Linear Compressor?

The Inverter Linear Compressor has fewer friction points because it doesn’t have joints, and starts and stops smoothly when the compressor operates, so the noise is lower than Inverter Compressor.

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