Hisense HC63112ABZA | Freestanding Cooker

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  • Cast-iron Pan Support
  • Wok Burner
  • Gas hobs
  • Extra Durable Enamel
  • Gas Safety Switch
  • One-hand Ignition
  • Steam Clean
  • Pro Grill



Cast-iron for handling the highest of heats. Sturdy and stylish, these cast iron supports are cleverly designed to make life easier – move pots easily from one hob to the next and it’s easier to clean up.


Designed specifically for wok cooking. Ideal for quick and powerful cooking, our Wok Burner has a uniquely designed gas crown that heats the larger exterior surface area of a wok perfectly allowing you to cook more food, faster.


The ultimate in gas efficiency. Hisense gas hob burners are the ultimate in gas efficiency. Innovatively designed to be easy to control and easy to clean.


Guaranteed safety with Gas Stop. Cooking with gas is always safe with the automatic Gas Stop safety feature. If the flame is extinguished as you’re cooking, whether it’s a liquid spillage or it gets blown out, Gas Stop immediately shuts off the supply.


Quick, simple, efficient ignition. Ignite and control the hob’s burners with the greatest of ease. Simply press the knob down and rotate it to desired level with one hand, keeping your other hand free


Steam Clean breaks dirt down quickly and easily. Loosen grease and stains quickly and easily. Place a water filled baking tray in the oven. select Steam Clean and after only 30 minutes. grease and marks can be wiped off the stain resistant enamel with ease.

Extra Durable Enamel

Extra strong. extra safe. Thanks to the strong enamel. being resistant to steam. microwaves and temperatures of even 500 °C. the extra insulated triple-coated interior. which supports heat reflection. is a safe and sterile place for the best cooking results. Used also for coating of baking trays. this enamel with no micro pores provides an environment for the most delicious dishes.

Pro Grill

Excellent grilling. The well-thought position of the heaters allows optimal heat distribution. With smaller heaters positioned inside the larger ones. the function makes it possible to achieve the best grilling results. ensuring that the food is baked evenly and perfectly on the outside as well as inside.

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