How is a TV Smart?

What does it mean when we say a TV is ‘SMART’?

A SMART TV, put simply, is a TV set with integrated internet and interactive capabilities.
Smart TV’s start to combine technology found in computers with traditional flatscreen television sets.

What do SMART TV’s Do that other TV’s don’t?

Where standard TV’s provide standard broadcasting channels to be viewed, Smart TV’s allow you to watch Internet TV, on-demand streaming media, and interactive media.

What do I need For My Smart TV to run Smoothly?

Your Smart TV is only as smart as the internet it is connected to.
Make sure you have an internet connection to make the most of the seemingly infinite media your Smart TV can stream online.

Best Streaming Websites for Smart TV’s?

  • AfriDocs is an amazing collection of African and international documentaries which are free to stream to anyone on the African continent. A very exciting website for free documentaries.
  • Showmax is a great streaming service, especially for South African series and movies.
  • Netflix is a classic and great way to ‘chill’.

Some of our Smartest TV’s:






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