Happy Day of Reconciliation

Happy Reconciliation Day everyone!
Our gift to you today is three fool-proof reconciliation strategies.
1. A great way to reconcile with a friend or family member is to offer to do something for them. Offer to give them some of your precious time. An example of this is to offer to do the dishes. Or amp up your chance of reconciliation by offering to do the dishes for the next couple of years with the LG Stainless Steel Dishwasher with True Steam
2. When attempting to reconcile a relationship, it is imperative that you stay cool, calm and collected.
We all know that nothing cools like a SAMSUNG double door fridge/freezer. As for the calm and collected that’s up to you.
3. Only try this option if options 1 and 2 don’t work.
Try this at your own risk, it can either reconcile or do the complete opposite.
You will need one Wine cooler, two glasses, time to chat.
I’m sure you can take it from there. 

Enjoy your Day of Reconciliation!

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