affordable custom colour samsung fridge

Custom Coloured SAMSUNG Fridges


Customise Your Fridge

Choose the perfect colour fridge to match your home.
Style has never been this affordable.

When thinking about the design of our kitchens we often overlook the style of the fridge.
The fridge can be much more than a purely functional appliance that we feel the need to open everytime we walk past.
A well thought out fridge can bring a whole kitchen together, elevating it from a space of pure function to a well-designed space of elegance and style. Unusual fridges in fun colours don’t have to cost a fortune.

Custom coloured SAMSUNG fridges from R7800.

Choose from an array of different colours to bring your kitchen to life.

Some of the colours to choose from:
Brushed Steel
– Midnight Blue
– Graphite
– Blue
– Black Grey
– Silver

Gloss Shine
– Blue
– Silver
– Oz Green
– Dazzle Green

– Fresh Green
– Ivory
– Bolt Blue
– Black
– Red

– Sliver
– Sunshine Yellow
– Mustard Yellow
– Orange Submarine
– Graphite
– Chocolate
– Red Red Wine
– Pink Lollipop
– Tank Green

Matte Shine
– Silver
– Graphite
– Oz Green


Fridges that come in these colours are:

SAMSUNG RB31 Fridge/Freezer
Samsung RB31HWJ3DSS Fridge cheap
SAMSUNG RB29 Fridge/Freezer








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affordable custom colour samsung fridge

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