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LG D1450LF1 Clarus Pro Dishwasher


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  • Capacity 14 Plates
  • New Hybrid Dry System
  • Smart Diagnosis™

R7,500.00 R9,800.00

  • Smart Rack™

    Efficiently Load

    More Dishes

LG’s SmartRack™ offers greater flexibility, better functionality and more room. Adjustable shelves accommodate a variety of cookware. The slim Inverter Direct Drive Motor opens up some 10 litres of space compared to conventional dishwashers, with enough room for a third adjustable rack – ideal for cutlery, espresso cups or utensils!

  • Flexible Rack System

    levant_Clarus_2016_Feature_06_Flexible Rack System

    LG’s smart rack system lets you easily adjust the tines to flexibly load a variety of dishes.

  • Height Adjustable 3rd Rack

    levant_Clarus_2016_Feature_06_Height Adjustable 3rd Rack

    The 3rd rack can fit smaller items such as espresso cups and baking implements.

Inverter Direct Drive Optimized Washing And Less Noise
  • Inverter DD

    Optimized Washing

    And Less Noise

The LG Inverter Direct Drive System is built to last, eliminating the belt and pulley system to increase the motor’s efficiency. The result is a dishwasher that is more robust, uses less energy and runs more quietly.

  • Durability

    The LG Inverter Direct Drive Motor has a simplified structure to enhance durability and long lasting

  • More Internal Space

    levant_Clarus_2016_Feature_08_More Internal Space

    The slim design of the motor provides more space so that you can load taller items.

  • Less Noise

    levant_Clarus_2016_Feature_08_Less Noise

    The simplified motor design reduces noise and dust, and is more efficient than conventional motors.

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